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For the well-being of your body Detox Extreme offers a selection of teas and organic infusions.


Each cure of one month is renewed automatically

(You can also buy your tea without a subscription in the Shop section)


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All our products are certified organic

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thés et infusions détox

thé slim énergisant minceur

Thé Bio Détox énergisant

booste votre corps pour vous aider à brûler les calories.

thé infusion détox slim brule graisse minceur


Aide à bruler les graisses et participe à votre bien-être


 La cosse de cacao booste votre énergie et participe à brûler des calories

thé slim minceur favorise a digestin

Infusion Bio digestion légère

Favorise la digestion et réduit les ballonnements

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DETOX EXTREME is an e-commerce store that offers detox treatments.

Accompanied by a healthy and balanced life, our products actively participate in the well being of your body.

All of our products are certified organic.




Be careful, the indications given are not a substitute for medical treatment. The indications and properties given are taken from specialized international sites, crops and reference works in the field. For any medical problem please consult your doctor.


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95290 L'Isle Adam


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